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International Influencer Meeting
International Influencer Meeting

The shisha consumer is network-affine: we are too!

A global network of bloggers, youtubers, instagrammers, etc. complete our online profile. Our influencers give the industry new impetus and can address an extremely broad audience via affiliate and Direct2Consumer campaigns. And all this without wastage and in real time!


Global influence!

We are the link between the industry and the hottest influencers on the scene. Are you planning a market entry, a relaunch or do you want information about your latest campaign?

Then talk to us and let us take the market by storm!

Event Timetable

With a timetable (basketball tournament, table tennis tournament, eating, drinking, smoking shisha, etc..), through which we guide our influencers, we systematically build motivation for their followers to organize the entire event on social media pursue.

National Influencer Meeting