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ShishaMesse – the Sommeliers

100% dedication, 100% passion

A shisha is not smoked between Tür & Angel. Enjoying a hookah takes time and, above all, a deep one Understanding of the interaction between tobacco, charcoal and pipe. Our ShishaMesse sommeliers are professionals of their guild, trained in the most diverse whistles, Tobacco types & brands and above all with a "hand" for smoking pleasure. The shisha is celebrated, it is not just a smoking product, our sommeliers have their skills already proven at our trade fairs.

Various locations in Europe

ShishaMesse-Sommeliers - Your brand always an ambassador!

We train our ShishaMesse sommeliers at different schools locations in Europe and can access a broad team at any time for our promotional campaigns. Whether trade fair, individually offered promotional campaigns, road shows or targeted customer communication:
With our ShishaMesse sommeliers, your brand always has an ambassador! There are many promoters, specially selected and trained for the shisha market only with us!

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